What are your ideas? What are the possibilities?



What is your application? Are you looking for specific branding pieces? Do you want something for your Facebook page profile? A new logo? From business cards, marketing materials, advertisements, leaflets and more, I have definitely got you covered.


Smart Design.

Smart design means a few things. Firstly, lets think about what we are doing with your piece. Where is it going? You can't design a billboard with tiny text. No one can see it. You can't have a really detailed logo and then try to get it put onto a pen or pencil. Why not create something that you can use on everything. Brand identity is crucial. I think about all the little things.


Think outside the box.

Don't limit your ideas. There is a lot we can do, so ask me, and we can get something tailored to you.

All by BANG.

Everything you see on my website is created by me! All logos, design elements, examples, photography. Everything! Consider this a portfolio of what I can do. The website I created based on a template by Shape5 and built on the Joomla! platform.